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About Tim

You don't get much more local than Tim Olafsen. Born and raised in the South Bay, Tim spent his youth surfing local spots in and around Redondo Beach, like Topaz Street and Pier Ave. He has also, quite literally, built a large portion of the city. Working in construction and contracting for over 40 years, he can take you on a tour of the town and point out different eras of architecture and design that he himself had a hand in. 


His lifelong love of surfing, combined with his creative nature, transferred naturally into shaping. He dabbled in shaping boards over the years, but was finally inspired to fully commit to the project while stuck in quarantine in 2020. With his daughter, Krista, managing the tech side, Olafsen Shaping was born. 

Each of his unique, hand crafted surfboards is inspired by a personal element - a dedication to a dear friend, a memory from the 70s, a musing on modern trends. 

About The Company

Our logo, the Vegvisir, is the ancient viking compass. It is a symbol of protection, and a guide for those on a journey. The word vegvisir translates roughly to "wayfinder" in Icelandic. That is what these boards are to us - both a path for ourselves and a guiding light for the journeys of others. 

For Tim, shaping boards was the way to his true creative self. We hope that when you ride on one of our boards, you find your way, too. 

Where to Find Us

We are based in Redondo Beach - 

Keep an eye out for us at local art markets!



Phone: 650-346-2402

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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